This is final

this is final year project

Spirited Away Scene

Since finishing university I have been keeping my skills sharp by creating multiple projects in Maya and Unity.   One project was to recreate this scene (shown below) , from Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away. I started by creating all the assets in Maya and then importing them to Unity.       I then added… Continue reading Spirited Away Scene

Hairy Potter

  I created and developed brand images for a Stoke-on-Trent local celebrity “The Hairy Potter”. A Stoke City football fan who raises money for charity, and strives to makes football matches friendlier places. This connection started when I reached out to him with a cartoon of him and his colourfully painted beard, he loved it… Continue reading Hairy Potter

Aspinall Foundation Web Guide

The¬†Aspinall Foundation Web Guide was a project I designed in university. I was tasked with developing an idea, and then presenting it with a¬† built from scratch website and Kickstarter-esque video detailing the project. The idea was going to be a revamp for the Aspinall Foundations website. This would feature an animal encyclopaedia, animal family… Continue reading Aspinall Foundation Web Guide

Christmas Megaball

Christmas Megaball is the child had between the old Microsoft Pinball game, and Christmas. It was created by me and two others for a group video games project for university. During the video games course, we created multiple types of games using tutorials. Our final task was to turn one of these small tutorial games… Continue reading Christmas Megaball

I am a ninja.

“I am a ninja” is an animation created for my 3D Animation Pipeline module. I was tasked with modelling and rigging cartoon styled character that resembled me, the model would then have to be animated to create a short video. For the project, we were limited to 1000 polys for the character model. To create… Continue reading I am a ninja.


Collectr is an image collecting app for android devices. I developed this for my university Android Development module and received a first for it. The app has three main tabs. The “My Tags” tab allows users to add there favourite subjects as tags, the app then uses these tags to find the most recent images… Continue reading Collectr

Whale Town – University End Year Project

Whale Town is a slow paced farming RPG for the PC. The game was my final year project and it was developed over a period of four months. The game was heavily inspired by Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley and World of Warcraft. Teaser Trailer Intro and Player Customisation Whale Town Development Talk To create the… Continue reading Whale Town – University End Year Project

Dog Lords

Dog Lords is a unity prototype. It is a trading card game that is heavily influenced by Hearthstone & Top Trumps. It also uses the same ruleset as Top Trumps. (For those who dont know, Top Trumps is a easy to learn card game in which the players compare stats on eachothers cards to win… Continue reading Dog Lords

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