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Video games are, and always will be a huge part of my life. So It’s only logical that I want to develop them as a career. Having just finished university, now is the time for me to join the industry. I’m excited to gain skills, meet new people and create good games. I learnt at university that there is nothing greater than completing a large task or project and I look forward to experiencing that in a professional setting.

When I’m not playing Strategy, RPG, Management or Story Driven games, you can find me at a local zoo. There is something special about animals that fascinates me. Because of this, zoos are my favourite place to be. I am cheery person who loves a good chat or joke. Passionate about football, watching and playing (Stoke City forever!). Always travelling when I can, with the desire to visit different places and try new things.

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Feel free to reach out to me, as I’m always happy to learn and discuss new things!