Dog Lords

Dog Lords is a unity prototype. It is a trading card game that is heavily influenced by Hearthstone & Top Trumps. It also uses the same ruleset as Top Trumps. (For those who dont know, Top Trumps is a easy to learn card game in which the players compare stats on eachothers cards to win rounds.)

The game cards were made in Maya and textured using Photoshop.

Dog Lords uses a database of 150 dog images and 150 dog names. Each dog card has 5 attributes that can range from  1 – 20 as well as a dog type. I have developed a randomizer to generate new cards using the databases for the Names & Images, then the Attributes and Type are generated. This means that every play through, the user will see new cards, with new attributes and names.

Every card has a 6th attribute, the Good Boyness attribute. This is always set to 20, as every dog is a good boy in his or her own way!


To create the card interaction, I used Vector Projection based on the Cameras position to ensure smooth picking up. The system still needs a bit of work, but it works nicely for a small prototype.

In the video below the user card interaction can be seen. As well as showing off the card generation.


The user is able to flip, rotate, drop and pickup the cards.

When I return to this project, I aim to add the card combat, as well as network play against friends.






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